Studienfahrt der Klasse 7b


Freienorla, 15.06. - 19.06.2015

Our Trip to the Language Farm   (15 June to 19 June 2015)

When we arrived at Freienorla, we were greeted by Yahya, Lisa and Chris who wanted to pick up our bags. But what was that? We were confused because they spoke English to us.

Together with Lisa we went up the hill to the farm and our tipis. The first thing we got there were new names, our special language-farm-name. Some of these names were really strange, e.g. flying fox, boom slang, huntsman or spitfire.

After having a first delicious lunch (spaghetti and tomato sauce), we were placed in small language groups. In these groups we practiced different theatre plays which we presented at the end of our stay at the farm.

We also liked it that we could be in an extra activity-groups. We could choose between: horse-riding, drumming, land-art and building a wicker man. All these groups were very big fun.

On top of that we did a lot of sports. We played football, baseball, and cricket. However, the coolest game was CAPTURE THE FLAG which we played on the last day.

Time flew by and everybody was sad when we had to go home. It was the best trip we’ve ever made.

 Florian and Niklas
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