Bilinguale Module im Physikunterricht der Klasse 9 am KLG

Mindestens 25 Unterrichtsstunden werden bilingual unterrichtet.
Die Inhalte beschränken sich auf das Themengebiet "Radioaktivität"
des Thüringer Lehrplans. Diese Inhalte werden in der BLF
nicht abgeprüft.

People tell us that there are atoms.
The first one who was able to explain this and to calculate the size of atoms
was Albert Einstein.
Explore his aspects!
Advice for search term: 1 minute physics einstein brownian motion

Watch a video about radioactivity!
My advice for search term: the joy of happy learning radioactivity Answer the questions: Who discovered radioactivity? What kind of radiation is not effected by magnetic fields? What kind of radiation has the least penetrating power?

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